JKD Basics

Jeet Kune Do Basics - E-Book

Author: Jeremy Lynch - Editor: Vincentius Vulpes

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At last, the authentic teachings of Jeet Kune Do, from one of its best teachers, straight to you!

In "Jeet Kune Do Basics," the long awaited first in a series of JKD e-books, Jeremy Lynch teaches 20 of the foudational moves of Jeet Kune Do step-by-step.

Using full-color illustrations and clear instructions, "Jeet Kune Do Basics" will teach you the fastest, most efficient, and most powerful ways to kick, punch, trap, & otherwise dominate your opponent.

Master the techniques herein, and watch your fighting ability increase many times over!

Contains 42 8.5x11 inch pages, with over 90 photographs.


Introduction/Disclaimer: Page 5
Stance – Bai Jong: Page 7
Footwork – Step-Slide: Page 8
Footwork – Pendulum/Slide Shuffle: Page 10
Footwork – Push Shuffle: Page 12
Punch – Lead Straight: Page 13
Punch – Rear Cross: Page 15
Punch – Uppercut: Page 16
Punch – Lead Hook: Page 17
Kick – Groin: Page 19
Kick – Lead Hook: Page 20
Kick – Rear Hook: Page 22
Kick – Full-Range Side: Page 24
Kick – Inverted Hook: Page 26
Kick – Ball: Page 28
Trapping – Pak Sao (Slapping Hand): Page 29
Trapping – Lop Sao (Pulling Hand): Page 31
Trapping – Heun Sao (Circling Hand): Page 33
Trapping – Jao Sao (Running Hand): Page 35
Trapping – Jut Sao (Jerking Hand): Page 37
Trapping – Ping Choy (Vertical Down-Strike): Page 39
A Note About Recovery: Page 40
Glossary: Page 41
About the Author & Editor: Page 42



"A lot of good information in a small space" - Matt


Sample Page:

Sample Page

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